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IAPO Twinning Programme
by IAPO at 4:31PM Tuesday 18 September 2007 (News)

IAPO is committed to building the capacity of patients’ organizations worldwide by developing links between organizations that allow them to work more effectively and efficiently.  IAPO’s Twinning Programme offers IAPO members the opportunity to engage in a project with a fellow member organization, to share knowledge, skills and best practice.

Twinning Programme 2013

IAPO is delighted to congratulate members the Heart to Heart Foundation of Thailand and the Hong Kong Alliance of Patients Organizations of Hong Kong on the completion of their Twinning over the course of 2013 and 2014.

Both organizations held successful learning exchanges to share information about their different healthcare systems. To read the report for full information about their Programme and activities, please download here.

IAPO's Twinning Programme 

The Twinning Programme supports IAPO’s strategic goal for the period 2010-2014, “to strengthen the impact of the global patients’ voice in decision making processes globally”, by facilitating partnerships between patients’ organizations which strengthen their capacity to promote patient-centred healthcare. Collaboration is needed to achieve patient-centred healthcare around the world and Twinning is one of IAPO’s programmes designed to facilitate such partnerships.

What is twinning?
Twinning is a formal partnership between two organizations. IAPO’s Twinning Programme provides a framework for two patients’ organizations to work together in a partnership for a specific amount of time on a particular area of work.  This programme provides an opportunity for learning and exchange, to share and develop expertise and best practice models. The activity you undertake will depend on your organization’s needs and capacity and Twinning activities fall broadly into three categories:

  • Information exchange; e.g. to deepen understanding on a particular policy issue or area of research
  • Training; e.g. to further skills in a particular area, such as fundraising, communications, advocacy, policy-formulation, membership, patient education or governance
  • Joint Project; e.g. a joint advocacy campaign, press conference, event or publication

How can the Twinning Programme benefit my organization?

Twinning fosters collaboration and partnership, as both organizations work together to share information, they are both better off as a result. Strong patients’ organizations are a driving force for change and progress. There are many possible benefits to twinning, which include:

• Capacity building: Increase your resources by exchanging skills and knowledge to develop your organization and better serve your constituents. 

 Share best practices: Share and learn about methods and strategies that have been shown to work well in other areas. Learning about these best practice approaches can save time and effort, e.g. in fundraising, communications, membership, advocacy.

• Collaboration: Twinning facilitates two organizations to work together on a project that interests them with increased capacity, e.g. to produce a joint advocacy campaign or event.

• Build relationships: Twinning helps build strong relationships among patients’ organizations.  Organizations can turn to their twin for help or they can work together on a specific issue.

• A new challenge: Organizations can engage in a new challenge by taking part in a twinning project and develop expertise and experience.

• Outreach: Through the Twinning Programme you can reach out to others and learn about other cultures and communities, identify common issues and find solutions.  IAPO members are part of a global community of patients’ organizations and through Twinning; you can reach out to a fellow member and gain inspiration for your work.

• Strengthen the global patients’ voice: Partnerships and projects influence healthcare policy, funding and development around the world, to support patient-centred healthcare.


Achieving solidarity, collaboration, best practice and change:

IAPO members the Pelvic Pain Support Network, UK, and the World Federation of Incontinent Patients, undertook a joint twinning project to advocate for greater patient involvement in clinical guidelines. In their project, the organizations researched evidence on patient involvement in clinical guidelines and wrote a joint letter, on behalf of thirteen patients’ organizations, to European and International healthcare professional bodies, highlighting their concerns on the quality of clinical guidelines and the lack of patient involvement in clinical guidelines. This project has resulted in increased efforts to involve patients in the design and implementation of clinical guidelines in Europe. Read the case study on the twinning project here.

How do I find a twin?

IAPO will help match your organization to a suitable twin.  If you would like to apply to participate in the Twinning Programme or you would like more information, please contact Megan MacGarry, Senior Membership Officer via email: megan@patientsorganizations.org

The Twinning Programme Guide provides more information about twinning. 

PDF file
PDF file IAPO Twinning Programme Report 2013

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