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IAPO - International Alliance of Patients' Organizations
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   The Need for IAPO The Need for IAPO
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Who We Work With Who We Work With
   Ethical Collaboration Ethical Collaboration
   DAWN 2™ DAWN 2™
   EPF European Patients Forum
   GetReal GetReal
   Health First Europe Health First Europe
   IHF International Hospital Federation
   MTG Medical Technology Group
   WHO World Health Organization
   WHPA World Health Professions Alliance
   IAPO Auspices IAPO Auspices
Patient-Centred Healthcare Patient-Centred Healthcare Portal
   Declaration on PCH Declaration on Patient-Centred Care
     Translations long text
     PCH Research What Patients Really Want
     Review Review
     Meeting at the UN long text
   Indicators Indicators
   Issues & Activities Issues & Activities
     Access to Healthcare Access to Healthcare
       Innovation Innovation
       Priority Medicines Priority Medicines
       Universal Health Coverage Universal Health Coverage
     Biosimilars Biosimilars
     Non-Communicable Diseases Non-Communicable Diseases
     Patient Safety Patient Safety
       Counterfeit Medicines Counterfeit Medicines
       WHO Patient Safety WHO Patient Safety
     Patient Involvement Patient Involvement
     Paediatric Medicines long text
     Clinical Trials Clinical Trials
     Health Professionals Health Professionals
     Hospitals Hospitals
Publications & Tools Publications & Tools
   Patient-Centred Healthcare Patient-Centred Healthcare
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   Discussion Forum Discussion Forum
Global Congress Global Patients Congress
   2014 2014
     Report 6th Global Patients Congress Report
     Programme 6th Global Patients Congress Programme
       29 March 2014 29 March 2014
       30 March 2014 30 March 2014
       31 March 2014 31 March 2014
     Digital engagement Digital engagement
     Advisory Committee Advisory Committee
     Member engagement and support Member engagement and support
     Resources 6th Global Patients Congress Resources
     Media Media
     Sponsorship Sponsorship of the Congress
     Supporters 6th Congress Supporters
   2012 Congress 2012
     Programme Programme
       17 March 2012 17 March 2012
       18 March 2012 18 March 2012
       19 March 2012 19 March 2012
     Supporters Supporters
     Sponsorship Sponsorship
     FAQs FAQs
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   Secretariat Secretariat
World Regions World Regions
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     Patient Solidarity Day Patient Solidarity Day
     Patient Safety 2013 African Patient Safety Partnership 2013
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   Regional Strategy Regional Strategy
The Patients' Exchange The Patients Exchange
   Advocacy Advocacy
     Campaigns Campaigns
     Lobbying Lobbying Information
     Online Advocacy Online Advocacy
     Advocacy in Action Advocacy in Action
   Basics Basics
     What is a Patients' Org? What is a Patients' Organization?
     Starting a Patients' Org Starting a Patients' Organization
     Best Practices Best Practice Guidelines
     Technology Technology
     Useful Organizations Useful Organizations
   Collaboration Collaboration
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